18 September 2011

Week 13: Belonging

Chapter 2 - Early Life Memories (up to about 12 years old.)

Let's talk about the clubs or organizations you were in during these years, OK? Were you in cub scouts or brownies or were you in a 4-H club? What did you do in those clubs? What about church activities? Were you active in Primary? How did you feel about going? Did you like to learn the songs? Were you anxious to graduate to MIA? Do you have any specific memories about Primary that you can remember? Are they good or bad memories? Did your Primary years help you in your adult life? Tell me about it. How about a "secret club" with some of your friends in the neighborhood? What was the name of the club? (I know it's a secret, but I won't tell) Who was int he club and what did you do? Where were these club meetings held? Were these clubs and organizations or groups important to you? Why or why not?

Do you think your involvement or lack of involvement in groups like these had a significant influence in shaping your self concept and values? Were you ever in a children's choir? Did you ever participate in a dace recital? Were you ever in a sports league of any kind? Do you feel that sports participation on a league level at this early age is wise? Why or why not? Did you perform in a recital with an instrument? How do you feel about children int he grade school level taking lessons and performing? What about in competition? Is it too young? Did it benefit or hurt your early years? Explain.

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