11 September 2011

Week 12: School

Chapter 2 - Early Life Memories (up to about 12 years old.)

Did you attend a formal (public or private) elementary school or were you taught at home? Do you remember the names of the school(s) you attended up through the 6th grade? What were those schools like...big or small...always hot or too cold or just right? Well lit or poorly lit? Quiet or noisy?

Were those elementary schools close to home or did you have to walk a long way to get there? How did you get to school? Did you ride a bus (or a horse, or a bicycle, or something else?) or did your parents take you?

Did you ever get into "trouble" at elementary school? What games did you play at recess? Do you remember anything significant or unusual that happened on your way to or from school? Did you have any special teachers in elementary school (or up until the time that you were approximately 12 years old)? What do you remember about them? Why were they so special? Any particularly memorable principals (or ones who used a big paddle)? Were those early school years fun and exciting, or were they difficult and frightening, ro some of each? Why? What made them that way? I'd like to hear about it.

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