13 September 2011

Marriage Record - Antonio and Leonizia deMacedo

After looking at Leonizia's Death Certificate I decided to look for the church Marriage Record so that I could find out more information about her. Here's the record of their marriage in the Parrish records (bottom right entry). I had my dad help me with translating and understanding some of the words.
Source: Family Search, "Brazil, Catholic Church Records," digital image, Family Search (familysearch.org : downloaded 9 September 2011), Marriage of Antonio de Macedo and Leonisia Marinho, 7 Apr 1920, Sao Sebastiao, Picui, Paraiba, Brazil, Anno de 1920, entry 4; from dioceses and local parish archives throughout Brazil.


Aos sete de Abril de mil novecentos e vinte, nesta matriz de Picuhy, servatis servandis, perante as testemunhas Bel  Jose Bezerra Dantas e Theophanos Alves da Silva, assisti ao recebimento matrimonial de Antonio Avelino de Macedo, viuvo de Maria Amelia da Conceicao, com Leonizia Marinho do Rego, elle filho legitimo de Antonio Avelino de Macedo e Petronilla Maria dos Prazeres, ella filha legitima de Luiz Jose Marinho e Avelina Rosa Marinho.
     Para constar fiz este assento.
          Pe. Antonio Augusto, Vigario.


On the seventh of April of nineteen twenty, in this parish of Picuhy, servatis servandis (latin for: With what is to be preserved having been preserved) in the presence of witnesses, Bachelor/Graduate Jose Bezerra Dantas and Theophanos Alves da Silva, I witnessed the nuptials/matrimony of Antonio Avelino de Macedo, widower of Maria Amelia da Conceicao with Leonizia Marinho do Rego, him a legal son of Antonio Avelino de Macedo and Petronilla Maria dos Prazeres, her legal daughter of Luiz Jose Marinho and Avelina Rosa Marinho.
     To document it I made this record.
          Father Antonio Augusto, vicar.

Interesting Items:

  • The date we had in the database for the marriage was wrong! We had 6th of April instead of 7th of April.
  • One of the witnesses is listed as "Bel" which means Bachelor...but not unmarried man, rather a man with a bachelor degree.
  • Antonio was married before to Maria. When I asked my dad about this he said that Leonizia was Antonio's 4th wife. His first 4 wives died in childbirth, the first three wives with their first child. Leonizia had two children, my Grandfather and Great Uncle. According to my father, Antonio was married one last time after Leonizia. I need to go back and find all these marriage/death/birth records.
  • Now I can add Antonio's father and correct Leonizia's parents' names in our database.

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