04 September 2011

Week 11: Bark & Purr

Chapter 2 - Early Life Memories (up to about 12 years old.)

In this topic "Bark and Purr" I will ask you about your pets during these years. Did you have a pet? Or, did your family have a dog, cat, bird, spider, horse, pet snake, rabbit, hamster...?

Were these pets really important to you during these years? Why or how were they important? Did any of your pets die? How did you deal with their death? Did a pet ever rescue you (like "Rin-Tin-Tin" or "Lassie" used to do)? What happened? Do you wish you had had more or some other kind of pets? Why? Is it helpful or beneficial for children to have pets as they are growing up? How do they help or are they relatively unimportant? In future chapters, I will ask about your pets later in life. For right now, just tell me anything else you'd like to say about your pets in these "early years" (up until the time you were approximately 12 years old.

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