02 September 2011

Census 1870 - Hans and Bertha Funck (Lund) - Plain City, Utah

Let's take a look at the 1870 census for Hans and Bertha. Remember, that by the 1880 census Bertha is married to Hans' younger brother Willard. Unfortunately, this census gives us little information.
1870 U.S. Census, Plain City, Weber, Utah, population schedule, Plain City Precinct, page 8, dwelling 58, family 58, H.P. Funck Family; digital images, Family Search (FamilySearch.org : downloaded 30 August 2011); FHL microfilm.


Page No. 8, Plain City, Weber, Utah, 18 Jun 1870
Lines 35-37. Dwelling #58, Family #58.

Line 35. Funck, H P, 26, M, W, farmer, pob: Denmark, father of foreign birth, mother of foreign birth.
Line 36. -----, Bertha A, 22, F, W, keeping house, pob: Norway, father of foreign birth, mother of foreign birth.
Line 37. -----, Anna, 2/12, F, W, pob: Utah, father of foreign birth, mother of foreign birth, born in Apr 1870.

Items of note:

  • Using the last name Funck.
  • We now know that Anna (Annie) was born in April of 1870.
I have Hans' death date as 26 Sep 1872, from a family group record for his father Diderich from the new Family Search. I wonder what he died of at such a young age (28 years old). That same family group record lists the marriage between Willard and Bertha as 1868...when Hans was still alive, and Willard would have been 10 years old! I think someone looked at Anna's age and assumed that Willard and Bertha married before the baby was born. I think 1868 might be when Hans and Bertha were married. So now I wonder when Willard and Bertha were married. By 1880 they had two children young Willard (2) and George (2 mo). So perhaps sometime around 1877-8? Maybe the 1868 on the family group record was a typo for 1878. These are all questions yet to be answered.

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