31 March 2012

Christening Record - Laurits Peter Jensen

If you'll remember, FamilySearch was not very accurate with its information for Christine Funk/Lund and her husband Peter Jensen. Their marriage date of 1861 has been disproven and fixed to the correct 28 Apr 1865.

In the 1870 Danish Census I found the couple living in the Nylarsker parish with two children, Anine Margrete Jensen (age 3), and Laurits Peter Jensen (age 1).

FamilySearch had a Lauritz (Lewis, actually) listed as being born about 1861. In the census, however, he is 1 year old in 1870. So, the search began.

I started in 1860 just to be sure and checked all the Laurtis'. There were a few, but none where a good match except for this one -- (Note: It appears that the priest wrote the witnesses on the wrong line - you can see that the previous baby didn't have a name so he miss placed it and then marked it for entry 5 - I've highlighted the relevant entries.)
Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 7 November 2011), Laurits Peter Jensen Christening Record; Nylarsker Parish, 1868, p. 14, no. 5.




Aar og Datum
Year and Date
d. 16d Fe
bruar 1868
16 February

Barnets fulde Navn
Child’s full name
Laurits Peter Jensen

Daabens Datum enten i Kirken eller hjemme
Christening Date either in the church or at home
d. 29 Marts
i Kirken
29 March
at the church

Forældres Navn, Stand, Haandtering og Opholdsted
Parents’ Name, Social Position, Occupation and Residence
Fisker Peder Jensen
i Arnager og Hustru
Claudine Christine
Funch, 27 Aar gl.
Fisherman Peder Jensen
of Arnager and wife
Claudine Christine
Funch, 27 years old

[Note from JensenJN (From FamilySearch forum): “gl.” = abbreviation for “ammel” = “old”]

Faddernes Navne, Stand og Opholdsted
Witnesses’ Names, Social Position and Residence
Bærkone: Fisker Jacob Steenbergs Hustru Anna Kirstine
Pedersdatter I Arnager
Faddere: Daglejer Hans Peter Marker i Arnager
Daglejer Andreas Peter Hansen i Aakirkeby
Christiane Gul?? Maria Steenberg, Datter
af fisker Jacob Steenberg i Arnager.
Godmother: Fisherman Jacob Steenberg’s wife Anna Kirstine
Pedersdatter of Arnager
Witnesses: Day laborer Hans Peter Marker of Arnager
Day laborer Andreas Peter Hansen of Aakirkeby
Christiane Gul? Maria Steenberg, daughter
of fisherman Jacob Steenberg of Arnager.

[Note from JensenJN: Bærkone (Carry woman) I have never seen that word before, but from the name context there is no doub t that this is the lady, who carried the child to the christening.]

Hvor anført i det alm. Jevnf. Reg. [almindelige Jevnførelses Register]
Where posted in the Index Register
no. 16/38

[Note from JensenJN: I looked up the reference and there is no other information about Lautitz Peter Jensen than his christening. It is only the entry of the witnesses where he placed them wrong. The other entries are made in the proper line.]

Vacc. d 22/6 69
af Zahrtmann
vaccinated 22 June 1869
by Zahrtmann


  • Christine has a younger brother named Laurits (Lewis) Funch who would have been 14 years old at the time of her own son's birth. 
  • Laurits Jensen was vaccinated by the same doctor as his father and mother.

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