30 March 2012

1870 Census - Poder Jensen and Christine Funk/Lund

Christine Funch Lund
I don't have a photograph for Peter Jensen - another good reason for decendancy research.

Since I already had Peter and Christine's marriage record from 1865 in Nylarsker parish I thought I might try to find them in the 1870 Census. I guessed they may have stayed in Nylarsker, but since I didn't know where Peter was from I wasn't sure. Instead of looking through the 49 pages of census records for the parish--which I would have been willing to do--I decided to use the online index first to see if they were even in that parish. Using the Dansk Demografisk Database I looked for "Peder Jensen" in "Bornholm" in the "1870" Census. I further restricted his age to "30-39." The first entry looked promising, so I selected "Show Household":
I had seen Christine's name listed as "Claudine Christine" in various online databases so I was okay with the name variation, particularly since her birth place matched what I had. So here we see two children born into the family.

Feeling good about this entry I decided to go ahead and pull up the original image:
Source: 1870 Danish Census, Arnager, Bornholm, Denmark, population, Arnager, Bornholm, p. 123, line 15-18, Poder Jensen Family; digitial images, Statens Arkiver (www.sa.dk/ao : downloaded 8 November 2011); Danish National Archives.

Transcription / Translation:
Byernes eller Stedernes Navne med Anførsel af Gaarde, Huse, o.s.v.
The towns’ or the Places’ Names with Information off Farms, Houses, etc.

Huus House

Familiernes Antal
Number of the Families 

Personernes Løbenummer
The Persons’ Sequence Number
[see next column]

Samtlige Personers fulde Navn
(Udøbte Børn anføres as ”Udøbt Drengebarn” eller ”Udøbt Pigebarn”)
All the Persons full Names
(not Christianed Chrildren are to be listed as “not christianed boy child” or “not christianed girl child”)
15) Poder Jensen
16) Claûdina Christine Jensen
17) Anine Margrete Jensen
18) Laûritz Peter Jensen

Mandkjøn (M.) eller Kvindekjøn (K.)
Male Gender (M.) or Female gender (K.)

15) M Male
16) K Female
17) K Female
18) M Male

Alderen anføres med det f y l d t e Aar, men for Børn, der ikke have fyldt 1 Aar, anføres ”Under 1 Aar”
The age is to be listed with the filled year, but for childrem who are not 1 full year are to be listed as “under 1 Year”
15) 30
16) 29
17) 3
18) 1

Ægteskabelig Stilling
Ugift (U.), Gift (G.), Fraskilt (F.) Enkemand eller Enke (E.)
Marital Status
Unmarried (U.), Married (G.),Divorced (F.), Widower or Widow (E.)
15) G Married
16) G Married
17) U Unmarried
18) U Unmarried

15) Lutheran
16) do. Same
17) do. Same
18) do. Same

Fødested, nemlig Kiøbstadens eller Sognets og Amtets Navn,
og for de i Bilandene og kolonierne Fødte samt for Udlændinge Landet, hvor de ere fødte
Place of Birth, namely the city’s or the name of the parish and County and for those born in the colonies*) as well as for foreigners the country, where they are born.
15) Nylars
16) Aaker
17) Nylars
18) do. Same

*) Bilandene and Colonierne are two words for the same thing: Colonies

Stilling i Familien
Huusfader, Huusmoder, Børn, Slægtning, Tjenesteydende, Logerende o.s.v.
Position in the Family
Housfather, Housemother, Children, Relation, employees, Lodging etc.

15) Huusfader Housefather
16) Huusmoder Housemother
17) Dater Daughter
18) Søn Son

Titel, Embede, Forretning, Næringsvei eller af hvilket Erhverv de leve af
(som Hoverperson eller som Medhjælper (Forvalter, Svend eller Dreng o.s.v.)
eller om de forsørges af Fattighuset
Title, Office,Business,Livelihood of of which occupation they live from
(as Main Person [self-employed] or as Employee (Manager, Employee or Lad etc.)
or if they are supported by the Poor House

15) Fisker Fisher
16) [blank]
17) [blank]
18) [blank]

Hvorvidt vedkommende er:
Whether he or she is:
Døvstum| Døv (Hørelsen aldeles berøvet)| Blind (Synet aldeles berøvet
Deaf and Dumb | Deaf (Hearing completely deprived) | Blind (sight completely deprived)

Hvorvidt vedkommende er [column continuer]
Forstanden Berøvet
fra Fødselen| fra et senere Tidspunkt
Deprived of Sanity
from birth | from a later time


  • They are listed as "Lutheran" while I know that by this point Christine's family have all joined the LDS Church and are listed in the same census--in fact on the very next page--as "Mormon". I'll have to take another look at the Bornholm LDS Branch records and see if I can find any information about Christine or Peter's baptism.
  • If Peter and Christine were still Lutheran then their children would have been christened and should be found in the parish records. Both are listed as being born in Nylarsker.
  • Peter's occupation is "Fisher" and so is his father-in-law Didrich's. Do they work together?
  • I now know that Peter was born in the Nylarsker parish so I can search for his christening record. He would have been born about 1840.

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