28 March 2012

Lund Family - Descendancy Research

Regular family history research has you go back in time to find your ancestors. By doing this, you find your direct line family -- grandparents, great grandparents, great-great, and so on.

Decendancy Research on the other hand has you choose an ancestor a few generations back and work your way forward in time to find all their descendants. I've decided that will be one of the things I work on ... in this case for the Lund line, starting with Didrich and Karen Funk/Lund.

Didrich Funch Lund
Karen Kathrina Christine Hansdatter Funch Lund

Here's one question I got from my husband Troy - Why?
I have many reasons but one of the biggest is that I want to find out if family documents/artifacts ended up with other lines of the family. Also, I'd like to see if there are others out there doing research on this same family so we can collaborate. I even suggested we hold a "Lund Family Reunion" next summer (2013) and invite all the living descendants we could find. (Case in point - Those photos I have of Didrich and Karen came from a completed Family Group Record Sheet from my father-in-law's aunt. Who has the originals?)

So, now I'm focusing on Didrich and Karen's oldest child - Christine Funk Lund and her family. I started by using new.familysearch.org to see what was already out there.

I then created a separate database for all this un-sourced information and called it "Reunion_Lund". As I find sources I can add facts to my "real" database.

For more information about descendancy research check out this free course available from FamilySearch.

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