25 March 2012

Who are you, Joe? - a research case study - part 3

... continued again.
See Part 1, and Part 2.

So now that I found Joseph Taylor alive in the 1880 census I wanted to find out more about him. He is listed as 55 years old which gives me a birth year around 1825...now back to findagrave.com!

Go to Joseph Taylor's FindAGrave page.
The birth year looked right and he is listed as being married to Hannah Mariah Harris, which matches the Hannah M. in the census. According to some user added information he was a veteran of the Mormon Battalion! Perhaps there will be pension records?

I was excited and related what I had learned to my husband Troy. I was excited about the idea of writing a book about the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Taylor. Then I found the Taylor Association website. All this research has already been done, and several books have already been written!

According to their records, this line goes back to a Joseph Taylor Sr. born about 1728. I decided to copy over the information in their database into mine, and in the process already found two errors. So, obviously, while the research has been done it all still needs to be verified. This will, however, make my job a lot easier. I made sure to label all the info I got from this database so I would know during my future research that these "facts" may or may not be true.

As I discover and verify more about the Taylor family, I will be sure to update the blog. For now, I feel that my quick investigation to answer Troy's question, "Who's that guy?" was successful.

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