19 June 2011

Week 8: Can Johnny Come Out and Play?

Chapter 2 - Early Life Memories (up to about 12 years old.)

This topic deals with your friends and playmates from your earliest memories up through your elementary school years....approximately age 12.

Who were your friends or special playmates during this time? Did you play a lot with your brothers and sisters or with children from other families? What games or activities were you good at? Which ones were most difficult for you? Tell me about some memorable event that happened during your play...Did you ever "cook up" and/or eat anything out of the ordinary?...Ever get lots?...Break any windows? Did you ever discover anything strange or unusual? As you played, what was special that you made or took apart, buried or dug up, read or listened to, painted decorated, etc? Did you fly any kites? Were they "store bought" or did you make them yourself? Who helped you?

Did you sew or cook anything special or important to you at the time? Did you (or you and a friend) ever make a gift for a parent, brother or sister, friend, teacher, etc?

What was the gift and why do you remember it so clearly? In those early years, did you ever go exploring in the woods, on a construction site, etc.? What else did you do with your friends and playmates that was significant to you? In addition to your real friends, did you also have any imaginary friends? What were their names? What did you do with your imaginary friends? Why were they important to you?

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