08 June 2011

Mathias Christian Lund - Christening Record

Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 3 June 2011), Mathias Kristian Funch, Christening Record, 1849; Nylarskar Parish.

Transcription/Translation: I was able to translate most of this on my own (with the help of GoogleTranslate). I did get some additional help and insights from the Family Search Forum for Denmark. I've included the Danish and English versions below:



Aar og Datum
Year and Date
31 Aug

Barnets fulde Navn
Child’s full name
Mathias Kristian

Daabens Datum enten i Kirken eller hjemme
Christening Date either in the church or at home
7 Oct.
1849 i
7 Oct.
1849 at
the church

Forældres Navn, Stand, Haandtering og Opholdsted
Parents’ Name, Social Position, Occupation and Residence
Didrich F. Funk
Karen K. Hansd
i Arnager
Didrich F. Funk
Karen K. Hansd[atter]
in Arnager

Faddernes Navne, Stand og Opholdsted
Witnesses’ Names, Social Position and Residence
Lars Pouls H.[ustru] Stine Hansd.[atter]
Karen M Kofod - Hans
Marker Jens P. Jacobsen
Lars Pouls' Wife Stine Hansdatter
Karen M Kofod - Hans
Marker. Jens P. Jacobsen

Hvor anført i jevnfø relsesRegistret.
Where posted in the Index Register
no. 128

vac: af Grove d 11 Sept
vaccinated by Grove on 11 September

JensenJN, a member of the forum, gave me some additional insights into some of the information.
Re: Witnesses Names -- Kofod is a name uniquely originating at Bornholm, and it was fiercely defended by the family. It did not allow anyone outside the family to take it.
There were different spellings of the name: Kofod, Koefod, Kofoed, and Koefoed.
I went back and asked for some clarification about the vaccinations. I wondered what it was for and who "Grove" may have been - a person or maybe organization? He responded:
The short answer is that the vaccination was against smallpox. Denmark had had some epidemics and it became mandatory to be vaccinated against it. The Danish word for "smallpox" is "Kopper". You will in some marriage entries find a remark like "har haft de naturlige kopper" ("has had the natural smallpox"). At times it just abbreviated to "Nat. Kopper." Such people were exempt from the vaccination.

TO INVESTIGATE: This record was really interesting and gave me lots of new information. It also brought up questions about Mathias' last name. At birth he was Funch, when he immigrated he was Funk, and in all US records he's Lund. Interestingly, in the US 1880 Census he is Mathias C Lund but his father is listed (on another page) as Dedrick Funk. All his siblings (in the US) took the name as well. Why the name change? When? Where did the name Lund come from?

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