12 June 2011

Week 7: My Home

Now that we have the basics out of the way, we'll spend the next few weeks focusing on your early life memories...until about 12 years old. Remember back to the old days...
From the time of your birth up until you were approximately 12 years old, where did you live? Do you have any pictures of this house? Where are they? Label them.

Was it a big house or an apartment? What color was it? Was it in a city or in a rural area? Do you know if that house still exists? What happened to it? Did you have a room all to yourself or did you share a room with someone else? Did anyone live with you and your family? Was there a room or a particular piece of furniture that had a special significance to you? Someplace you would go to feel secure?...a chair that was your dad's favorite?...a couch you used to jump on?...A dresser that you marked on, nailed on, or scratched and got you in trouble? Did you have a television? How big was your first TV set? What were your feelings as you watched those first historic shows? Do you remember the first TV program that you ever watched? What was it? Did your family have a radio? Describe it. What are your special memories regarding that radio and the program(s) that you and your family listed to? What about outside the house? Did you have a big or small yard? Did you have a garden? Did you ever try to plant/eat anything unusual from that garden? What games did you play out there? In the future, I will ask more questions about the homes you lived in later in life.

As always, you can respond to these questions or ignore them or focus only some of the questions. Perhaps these questions aren't relevant to you but spark other topics...feel free to write about those as well!

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