01 June 2012

Death Certificate - Annie Emelia Lund

I'm still working on the descendancy for Didrich and Karen Lund. The Jensen's (their oldest daughter's family) are taking a time-out, so I've shifted my focus to their oldest son, Hans Peter Funch Lund and his descendants.

I found the death certificate for Annie Emilia Lund (Draney) (Wheeler) on the Utah State Archives website.
For a better idea of how she connects to my husband, Troy, here's the relationship chart -
So, Annie is Troy's First Cousin, 3 times removed. Their common anscestor is Didrich and Karen... Troy's 3rd great grandfather and Annie's grandfather.

It is interesting to note that Annie is the daughter of Hans Peter and Bertha. Hans died young, in Sept 1872 at the age of 28, leaving Bertha with two young daughters - Annie (age 2) and Mary (not quite 1 yo). Mary died that same year, in Nov of 1872.

Then, Bertha married Hans' youngest brother, Willard Richard Lund and had two more children with him.

So, Willard was Annie's step-father/uncle and her half-brothers were also her cousins!!!

Anyway, on to her death certificate:
Source: State of Utah, Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956, entry 23956, state file no. 52 29 0426, Annie Emelia [Lund] [Draney] Wheeler, 15 July 1952; digital images, Utah State Archives and Records Service, Utah State Archives (archives.utah.gov : downloaded 12 April 2012); Series no. 81448.


1 Place of Death
County or
City or Town or
Length of Stay
Full Name of Hospital or Institution

10 days
Dee Hospital
2 Usual Residence
City or Town
Street Address

Plain City
3 Name of Deceased
Annie Emelia Wheeler
4 Date of Death
7 15 52 [July 15, 1952]
5 Sex
6 Color or Race
7 Married, Never Married, Widowed, or Divorced
If Married, Widowed, or Divorced
8 Date of Birth
4 19 70 [April 19, 1970]
9 Age
10 Occupation
Kind of Business or Industry
11 Birthplace (City and State or foreign country)
Plain City, Utah
12 Citizen of What Country?
13 Father’s Name
Hans Peter Lund
Arnagee Bornholm, Den.
14 Mother’s Maiden Name
Bertha E. Anderson
Christensana, Norway
Husband or Wife’s Name
George William Draney
Frederick Wheeler
15 Was Deceased ever in U.S. Armed Forces
16 Social Security Number
17 Informant and Address
W E Draney 3270 Stevens Ave
18 Cause of Death
Disease or Condition Leading to Death (a)
Due to (b)
Due to (c)
Other Significant Conditions

Coronary occlusion
19 Date of Operation
Major Findings of Operation

20 Autopsy

21 (a) Accident/Suicide/Homicide
(b) Place of Injury
(c) City or Town / Country / State
(d) Time of Injury
(e) Injury Occurred (While at work/not while at work)
(f) How did injury occur?

22 I hereby certify that I attenden the deceased from ___, 19___, to ___, 19___, that I last saw the deceased alive on ___, 19___, and that death occurred at 7:00 p.m., from the causes and on the date stated above.
23 (a) Signature
(b) Address
(c) date signed
LaMar Rogers, M.D.
Ogden, UT
7/17/52 [July 17, 1952]
24 (a) Bural, Cremation, Removal
(b) Date
(c) Name of Cemetery or Crematory
(d) Location
7/18/52 [July 18, 1952]
Plain City
Plain City, Utah
Date Rec’d by Local Reg.
Registrar’s Signature
7/17/52 [July 17, 1952]
RnHirst T.H.
25 Funeral Director’s Signature and Address
Funeral Director’s no.
Embalmers No.
Lindquist and Sons Ogden

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