21 June 2012

Annie Emelia (Lund) (Draney) Wheeler - 1940 US Census

Continuing my research with Annie, I've pulled up the newly released 1940 US Census for Plain City, and there she was!

Interestingly, she reported her age (I know that she reported because she has an (x) next to her name) as 70,  but the birth date I have of 19 April 1870 would make her 69 years old. She would have been just over a week shy of her 70th birthday. I wonder if she rounded up on purpose.

Also, she reported her highest education as 8th grade. I wonder if the Plain City School has old records I could look at...wouldn't that be awesome?!?

Finally, I'll have to look into the farm schedules for 1940 and see if they still exist.

Annie lived to 1852 so she would appear in the 1950 census. I'll have to wait another 10 years to see that. Oh, and apparently I didn't find her in the 1920 census yet - I'll have to do that next.
Source: 1940 U.S. Census, Plain City, Utah, population schedule, Plain City Election Precinct, enumeration district (ED) 29-56, sheet 5-A, dwelling 90, Annie E Wheeler Household; digital image, FamilySearch.org (www.familysearch.org : downloaded 21 June 2012).

Line 37. Wheeler, Annie E. Head. Female, White, 70 years old, Widowed. No college, 8th grade education. Born in Utah. Lived in the same house in 1935. No work, not seeking work, didn’t have a job. Engaged in Housework. 0 weeks worked in 1939. 0 amt. of money received. Didn’t receive more than $50 from non-wage source. Farm Schedule #50.

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