31 May 2012

Birth Record - Genival Marinho de Macedo

Since looking at my Grandfather's death certificate I thought I should try to track down the other "documents" of his life. First, I decided to find his birth record.
Source: Family Search, "Brazil, Catholic Church Records," digital image, Family Search (familysearch.org : downloaded 13 September 2011), Christening of Genival de Macedo, 8 Apr 1921, Sao Sebastiao, Picui, Paraiba, Brazil, page 32, entry 76; from dioceses and local parish archives throughout Brazil.


Aos oito de Abril de mil novecentos e vinte e um baptizei solenemente a Genival nacido o um de Abril do mesmo anno, filho legítimo de Antonio Avellino de Macedo e Leonizia Marinho de Macedo. Foram padrinhos Abdias Genuinro de Farias e Celidonia Marinho de Farias.
Para constar fiz este assento.
Pe. Antonio Augusto, Vigário
     Casou-se na Arquidiocese do Rio de Janeiro, com Deolinda Ferreira aos 2-10-1948

On the 8th of April of nineteen twenty one I solemnly baptised Genival, born on the 1st of April of the same year, legitimate son of Antonio Avellino de Macedo and Leonizia Marinho de Macedo. The godparents were Abdias Genuinro de Farias and Celidonia Marinho de Fairas.
For the record I made this entry.
Father Antonio Augusto, Vicar
     Married at the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro to Deolinda Ferreira on 2 Oct 1948.

About the side note: I thought it was interesting that the priest went back and noted Genival's marriage to the side of his birth record. My father said that since Genival's mother died when he was a young child he was raised by another woman and when he joined the military he gave his name with that woman's maiden name as his middle name (which is the Brazilian naming custom) to honor her. When he went to marry my grandmother the name he gave was different than what was on his military records so the priest requested a copy of his original birth record to verify who he was. So, when the priest in Picui looked up his birth record he noted to the side that Genival married Deolinda.

I know my Grandfather was a navy man all his life and retired from the military. I would love to get access to his military records and corroborate all the stories he told us when we were kids. According to grandpa, during World War II his ship was sunk twice...he even had a wicked scar on his arm to "prove" it. I'd love to find the records that show him as assigned to those ships and records of what happened to those ships...perhaps even photographs. I may have to assign this out to my grandmother since she is in Rio and may have to go to some repository to get those documents.

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