05 April 2012

finding Sanne Caroline Dorthea Jensen

Having found the Jensen family in the 1880 Danish Census and noting a 10 year gap between children, I thought I might look for any other children Peder and Christine may have had. I knew there were 3 options.
  1. Christine had one or more miscarriages. These would most likely not be recorded in the church records as births or deaths...unless the baby was near full term and considered a stillborn. I still don't think they could christen the child but perhaps there may be a burial record.
  2. There was one or more children born in that time and they may have lived for a while but died before the 1880 census. In this case I should expect to find a christening and a burial record.
  3. There were no other children, and therefore no records to be found. This may however be like #1, in that there are no records.
My plan of attack was to look in death records first. Here's what I found --

Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 31 March 2012), Sanne Caroline Dorthea Jensen Death Record; Nylarsker Parish, p 450, 1879, no 2.

Transcription / Translation:


Death Date
d. 27de Januar
The 27th January

Burial Date
d. 2den Februar
The 2nd February

Den Dødes For og Tilnavn
First and Last Name of the Deceased
Sanne Caroline Dorthea

Datter af Fisker i Arnager
Peder Jensen og Hustru
Claudine Christine Funch
Daughter of Fisherman from Arnager
Peder Jensen and wife
Claudine Christine Funch


Hvor anfort i vet alm. Jevuf. Reg.
Where in General Index Register

Skifteattest af 28/1 79
Probate Certificate of 28 Jan [18]79

So, the Jensen's did have another daughter, Sanne (Danish version of Suzanne, sometimes spelled Sanna). Interestingly, she had a probate certificate. I was able to find the catalog record at the Family History Library, so the next time I go I will be sure to look this up! According to her burial record she was 5 years old. This gives me a rough idea of when she was born, so back I went into church records - this time looking for a christening. I started right after the last child's christening and moved forward, here's what I found --
Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 7 November 2011), Sanna Jensen christening record, to be moved to 1873; Nylarsker Parish, p 81, 1873, no 4.

This really confused me, a page with some christening records with no baby names or christening dates. I couldn't tell what the note said at the end of the entry, so I had to get some help.

Transcription / Translation:

d. 6d Februar 1873
6 February 1873

Fisker Peder Jensen i Arnager
og Hustru Claudine Christina
Funch, 32 Aar gl
Fisherman Peder Jensen of Arnager
and wife Claudine Christina
Funch, 32 years old

 i Kirkebogen for 1873
moved to church book for 1873

Apparently the priest made notes for the first few births of 1873 in the wrong book, so he then moved them over later. So, I went to the next set of records and found her ---

Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 31 March 2012), Sanna Caroline Dorthea Jensen christening record; Nylarsker Parish, p 98, 1873, no 4.

Transcription / Translation:


død. 4
dead 4

Aar og Datum
Year and Date
d. 6te
The 6th

Barnets fulde Navn
Child’s full name
Sanna Caroline Dor-
thea Jensen

Daabens Datum enten i Kirken eller hjemme
Christening Date either in the church or at home
d. 10de April
i Kirken
the 10th April
at the church

Forældres Navn, Stand, Haandtering og Opholdsted
Parents’ Name, Social Position, Occupation and Residence
Fisker Peder Jensen i
Arnager og Hustru Claudine
Christine Funch, 32 Aar gl.
Fisherman Peder Jensen of
Arnager and wifeClaudine
Christine Funch, 32 years old

[Note from JensenJN: “gl.” = abbreviation for “ammel” = “old”]

Faddernes Navne, Stand og Opholdsted
Witnesses’ Names, Social Position and Residence
Bærkone: Daglejer i Arnager Anton Marker’s Hustru
Helene Claudine Jensen
Faddere: Fisker i Arnager Jacob Peter Jensen
Johannes Peter Hansen, tjener paa Vejrmøllegaard
i Aaker
Vilhelmine Petrea Jensen, tejener paa 10de Sgd.
Godmother: day laborer from Arnager Anton Marker’s wife
Helene Claudine Jensen
Witnesses: Fisherman from Arnager Jacob Peter Jensen
Johannes Peter Hansen, serves on wind mill farm
from Aaker
Vilhelmine Petrea Jensen, serves on the 10th Sgd [farm]

[Note from JensenJN: Bærkone (Carry woman) I have never seen that word before, but from the name context there is no doub t that this is the lady, who carried the child to the christening.]

Hvor anført i det alm. Jevnf. Reg. [almindelige Jevnførelses Register]
Where posted in the Index Register


  • The priest went back and marked her record "død" or "dead."
  • I love that one of the witnesses, Johannes Peter Hansen, worked on a wind mill farm.

These records help explain the 10 year gap between children in the 1880 census. I did find another record of interest while digging in the church records, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that. :)

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