02 April 2012

Christening Record - Peder Jensen

Since the 1870 Danish Census gave me Peder Jensen's birth place as Nylars (which is Nylarsker parish), I went into the church records to find his christening.
Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 15 July 2011), Peder Jensen Christening Record; Nylarsker Parish, 27 Aug 1839, no. 11.

Transcription / Translation:


NB 11

Aar og Datum
Year and Date
d. 27 Aug
27 Aug

Barnets fulde Navn
Child’s full name
Peder Jensen

Daabens Datum enten i Kirken eller hjemme
Christening Date either in the church or at home
Hjemmedøbt d. 27
Aug 1839
Bragt i Kirken
d. 6 Oct 1839
Home christened 27
Aug 1839
Brought to Church
6 Oct 1839

Forældres Navn, Stand, Haandtering og Opholdsted
Parents’ Name, Social Position, Occupation and Residence
Christen Jensen [8]
25 ???. Kristine
Christen Jensen [8]
25 [???] Kristine

[my comment: It seems like the "8" which descends the line is a kind of abbreiation, signifying that "now comes the address". Farms in Bornholm seemed to have some kind of numbering system, and I believe it possible, that Christen Jensen is living in 25 S??gg[rd?]. Not having any better way to show, I will use [8] to show]

Faddernes Navne, Stand og Opholdsted
Witnesses’ Names, Social Position and Residence
Gjertrud Kofod [8] ???? M.
Adelheid Groubech [8] Prgd
Jens Sonne, Hans Ipsen
Gertrud Kofod [8] ???? M.
Adelheid Groubech Prgd
Jens Sonne, Hans Ipsen

[Comment: Prgd could be an abbreviation for "Præstegaard" (= Parsonage/Rectory)]

Hvor anført i det alm. Jevnf. Reg. [almindelige Jevnførelses Register]
Where posted in the General Index Register
no. 129

efter No 6
after No 6

[comment: The pastor has forgotten to place the entry in chronological order. This would explain the NB in front of the name in the first column]

It appears that Peder may have been ill as a newborn because he was christened at home.

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