08 February 2012

Death Certificate - Ellen Pederson Taylor

Ellen married William Taylor's older brother John H.
Source: State of Utah, Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956, Entry no. 5755, Ellen Pederson Taylor, 22 September 1905; digital images, Utah State Archives and Records Service, Utah State Archives (archives.utah.gov : downloaded 2 February 2012); Series no. 81448.


Place of Death
County of
Precinct of
City, Town or Village of
Street and No.

Plain City
Plain City
Full Name
Former or Usual Residence
How long resident at place of death
Ellen Pderson Taylor
Plain City
37 years
Color or Race
Date of Birth
December 11, 1857
37 yrs. 9 mos. 11 ds.
Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced
Birthplace (State or Country)
Plain City, Weber Co
Name of Father
Hans Pederson
Birthplace of Father (State or Country)
Bornholm, Denmark
Maiden Name of Mother
Annie Martine Hanson
Birthplace of Mother (State or Country)
Bornholm, Denmark
Wm Taylor
Plain City, Utah
Place of Burial
Date of Burial
Plain City
Sept 25
CJA Lindquist
Date of Death
Sept 22, 1905
I hereby Certify, That I attended deceased from Sept 20, 1905 to Sept 22, 1905 that I last saw her alive on Sept 22, 1905 and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 8:00 AM.
The Cause of Death was as follows: Puerperal Fever  Duration: 10 ds.
Contributory: Exhaustion
(signed) Lyman Steve M.D.
Sept 23, 1905  /  Ogden, Utah
Filed / Registrar
Sept 24, 1905  /  Wm Mathers
Registered No.
no of Burial or Removal Permit


  • I'm sure I've seen Ellen's father's name in my research into the Lund family from Bornholm. It will be interesting to see if there are more connections.
  • Ellen gave birth to a son on Sept. 12, 1905. Since her fever lasted for 10 days, it appears to have been complications due to childbirth. Such a common trend among women of the time. (ETA: according to Midge - "The fever listed on the other one is puerperal fever. It is also known as childbed fever & sadly is usually a result of bacteria introduced by the doctor or midwife assisting with the delivery. They didn't understand the need for good handwashing & sterilizing instruments. With all the open blood vessels during childbirth, it would lead to an overwhelming infection also known as blood poisoning."
  • William Taylor, Ellen's brother-in-law was the informant. He would lose his own wife Ada in childbirth only 4 years later.

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