31 January 2012

Hannah Maria Taylor

Last time I shared some findings on the Taylor family. Continuing that theme, I thought I better get to know Pearl's parents, William and Ada Rose Taylor.

From their tombstone, we learn that Ada Rose died the same day as her baby Hannah. So, the search began in trying to find their death certificates. I couldn't find one for Hannah, and then I thought... since it appears that she died the day she was born, with only the one date on the tombstone, maybe she didn't have one. So I looked for a birth certificate instead.
Source: Weber County, Utah, Birth Certificates, cn 485, 1909; Weber, Sep 1-15, image 17, Hanna Maria Taylor birth certificate, 9 September 1909; digital images, Utah Office of Vital Records, Utah State Archives (archives.utah.gov : downloaded 10 January 2012).

Interesting items:

  • While her name is listed as "Hanna Maria" on the birth certificate, the tombstone lists "Hannah" which I think is more correct since I found out later that was the spelling of Ada's mother's name.
  • Hannah is the ninth child, but only seven are living, so I know I have to look for 8 more children, 7 since I already know about Pearl.
  • Hannah was not born prematurely but she was Stillborn.
  • The doctor who filled this out crossed out Ada's last name "Taylor" thinking it wasn't her maiden name. But it was...they both had the last name Taylor.
  • I'm fascinated by the date, 9/9/09 and that Hannah was the 9th child.

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