10 January 2012

Learning about the Taylor's

I'm continuing my work on the Lund family, but now I'm focusing on the next two generations...particularly the wives and their families. Today, during naptime, I chose to research a bit more about Edith Pearl Taylor's family (she went by Pearl). Here was all I had to go on:

Grandma Pearl was born about 1892 based on her marriage certificate. She was married on 18 Jan 1911 to Victor Erastus Lund. According to my MIL her father was William and her mother was Ada. She lived in Plain City, UT and died when my husband was a young boy. That's it!

First, I hoped to verify the dates for Pearl's birth/death. Since I knew that Edith died in Plain City, I searched for her gravestone on FindAGrave.com.
I think their children's names are listed across the bottom, but it's difficult to read. I'll have to go see it in person sometime. What was really helpful on the FindAGrave.com website was the "family links". There I found her parents - William and Ada Rose. Their gravestone also gave me a lot of new information.

In addition to the gravestone, another user "Burnt Almond Fudge" added the picture of William's Death Certificate. So I tracked it down myself. With these three finds, I now have a lot more information about Pearl and her parents...in fact, I now know her paternal grandparents' names. Score!

Source: State of Utah, Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956, entry 18685, William Taylor, 11 April 1942; digital images, Utah State Archives and Records Service, Utah State Archives (archives.utah.gov : downloaded 10 January 2012); Series no. 81448.


1 Place of Death
a.)    County
b.)    City or town
c.)     Name of hopital or institution
d.)    Length of stay: In hospital or institution
In this community

2518 Lincoln Ave.
25 Years
2 Usual Residence of Deceased:
a.)    State
b.)    County
c.)     City or Town
d.)    Street No.
e.)    If foreign born, how long in U. S. A.

2518 Lincoln Ave.

a.)    Full Name
b.)    If veteran, name war
c.)     Social Security No.

William Taylor

4 Sex
5 Color or Race
a.)    Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced
b.)    Name of husband or wife
c.)     Age of husband or wife if alive _ years.

Ada Rose Taylor

7 Date of Birth
September 3, 1870
8 Age
71 years, 7 months, 8 days
9 Birthplace
Plain City, Utah
10 Usual occupation
Retired Farmer and Laborer
11 Industry or Business

12 Name of Father
John A. Taylor
13 Birthplace of Father
14 Maiden Name of Mother
Hannah Poulson
15 Birthplace of Mother
Christiana, Wales
a.)    Informant’s own signature
b.)    Address

(signed) Earl Taylor
Carlin, Nevada
a.)    (Burial, Cremation Removal)
b.)    Date thereof
c.)     Place: burial or cremation

April 15, 1942
Plain City Cemetery
a.)    Mortuary
b.)    Signature of funeral director
c.)     Address
d.)    License no.
e.)    Was body embalmed
f.)     Embalmer’s license no.

Lindquist & Sons.
(signed) Clyde A Lindquist
19 Date received local registrar
     Registrar’s Signature
April 15, 1942
     (signed) A. B. McQuarric
20 Date of Death
April 11, 1942
21 I hereby Certify, That I attended deceased from _____ to _____ that I last saw him alive on not seen alive, death occurred on the date stated above, at about 8 A.
Immediate cause of death cardiac dilatation  / (duration) sudden
Due to Arteriosclerotic heart disease  /  (duration) years
Due to Generalized arteriosclerosis  /  (duration) years
Other Conditions _____
Major mindings:
     Of operations: none done
     Of autopsy: none done
22 If death was due to external causes, fillin the following:
a.)    Accident, suicide, or homicide (specify)
b.)    Date of occurrence
c.)     Where di the injury occur?
d.)    Did injury occur in or about home on farm, in industrial place, in public place?
e.)    While at work?
f.)     Means of ingury

Yes, Feb 24
(signed)E.R. Dumke
Mar 2, 1926 / Ogden, Utah
23 Signature
(signed) L.W. Benson M.D.
April 13, 1942
Ogden, Utah

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