21 August 2011

Week 9: Trucks & Dolls & ....

After a short hiatus (because of Finals and end of summer fun) we can now return to our "Book of Memories".

Chapter 2 - Early Life Memories (up to about 12 years old.)

I'd like to hear about the toys you played with as a young child. During these early years, did you have any toys or playthings that were particularly meaningful to you? What were they? Why were they so special?

Do you have any memories of a toy that you wished for but never received (or never got the chance to play with?) What was it? Why was that toy so important to you?

How about musical instruments? Did you learn (or try to learn) to play the piano, violin, trumpet or ??? Was music important or unimportant to you during these years?

What about dolls? Describe yours to me. Did they have names? Why was it, they, so special? Would you encourage your children or grandchildren to preserve or save these special toys? Why or why not?

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