12 August 2011

Didrich Funch - Christening Record

Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 15 July 2011), Didrich Funch, Christening Record, 1816; Nylarskar Parish.

This one was really hard to read. I did the best I could then asked the experts over at the Family Search Denmark Forum. JensenJN helped me out again and filled in some of the missing information. 



Aar og Datum
Year and Date
1816, 25 Marts
1816, 25 March

Barnets fulde Navn
Child’s full name
Didrich Funch

Daabens Datum enten i Kirken eller hjemme
Christening Date either in the church or at home
1816, 3 April
I Kirken
1816, 3 April
at the church

Forældres Navn, Stand, Haandtering og Opholdsted
Parents’ Name, Social Position, Occupation and Residence
Ugivt Quinde, Gertrude
Christine Didrichsdatter
tilhuse p[aa] Degnegaarden i
N[ylarsker], udlagde ved Henrich
Pedersens Kone af Degnegaarden
til Barnefader Johan Rihs,
som er bortrejst ./Ungkarl/.
Unmarried woman, Gertrude
Christine Didrichsdatter
at home at Degnegaarden in
Nylarsker, claimed by Henrich
Pedersen's wife of Degnegaarden
as child father Johan Rihs,
who has traveled away ./bachelor/.

From JensenJN:
some words are spelled different in today's Danish:

  • ugivt is now ugift = unmarried
  • quinde is now kvinde = woman, the spelling is very old and believed to be the origin of the English word 'Queen'
  • tilhuse actually 'at house' would today not be used. We would today use 'boede' = lived

Faddernes Navne, Stand og Opholdsted
Witnesses’ Names, Social Position and Residence
Christine Jens Hansens p[aa] 19 Sgd i N[ylarsker]
Anna Andreassesdatter p[aa] 32 Sgd i N[ylarsker]
Jens Mognsen p[aa] Sgds ??? i N[ylarsker] og Peder
Olsen Ridder ibid:, Andreas Andersen
af Pedersker S[ogn]. Søren Pedersen p[aa] 6 V??-
neg[a]d[e] i N[ylarsker]
Christine Jens Hansen's [likely wife] in 19 [Søndergade?] in Nylarsker
Anna Andreassesdatter on 32 [Søndergade?] in Nylarsker
Jens Mognsen on Sgds ??? in Nylarsker and Peder
Olsen Ridder same place, Andreas Andersen
of Pedersker parish. Søren Pedersen on 6 V??-
negade in Nylarsker.???

Hvor anført i jevnfø relsesRegistret.
Where posted in the Index Register
no. 71, 6

Uægte Dreng
p: geistlig ????
Moderen første Gang
udenfor Ægteskab
Illegitimate Boy
[??? ecclesiastic ????]
The mother first time
outside matrimony

Now I have a few questions...First, where did the last name Funch come from? Didrich's mother's, Gertrude, last name was Didrichsdatter (so her father was named Didrich?)...was his last name Funch? Didrich's father is listed as Johan Rihs and Gertrude is listed as unmarried. Did she ever marry Johan? When and who did she marry? I'll have to keep digging in the parish records. I should also track down the index register and see what that has to say.

I signed up for some classes at the Family History Library in SLC specifically on researching in Denmark. I'm super excited to learn even more!

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