22 May 2011

Week 4: Grandparents

Which of your grandparents were still living while you were growing up? Did they live close to you or in another city? Did you have a speicial relationship with any one (or more) of your grandparents? What was his/her name? Why were they so special? What did that gradparent do (or not do) that made you feel especially close to them? Can you think of any stories about your grandparents you would like to record here? Anything interesting? Any funny or favorite stories that thy liked to tell that you would like to record? Were any of your grandparents especially wise in some area? What "sayings" did they use quite often? What "bits of wisdom" did they try to pass on to you or to others? Were they happy or crabby type personalities? Why do you think they were this way? How did their personalities affect your relationship with them?

If your grandparents were here now and could read your "Book" is there something you would like to say to them? Or is there something you would like to thank them for? ... Something you with they had done differently...? If there is anything else youwould like to tell me about your grandparents, please go ahead and type it in now...

Do you have pictures of your grandparents? Where are these pictures located? Are their names written on the back of the pictures to identify them? Ge these pictures out of those boxes and at least file them in some way. I really am a nag!

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