06 May 2011

Census 1900 - Mathias Lund Family - Plain City, Weber, Utah

Source: 1900 U.S. Census, Plain City, Weber, Utah, population schedule, Plain City Precinct, enumeration district (ED) 194, sheet 3A, family 54, Mathias Lund Family; digital images, Ancestry.com (downloaded 3 May 2011); T623, 1854 rolls.

I was looking for Victor Eugene Lund (Troy's Great-grandfather) in Ancestry. One hit was the 1900 census - while he was still living at home with his parents. A few interesting things came out of this document. First, I found Victor's father and mother - Mathias C Lund and Pauline both born in Denmark of Danish parents. Pauline is listed as having given birth to 10 children but having only 9 living. Who was the missing child? Will they be found on a previous census or were they born/died between census'? Is there a state or county birth certificate listing the missing child? Also, Mathias is listed as immigrating in 1869 and as being naturalized. I'd like to find naturalization documents for him. I wonder if they would be on a State level or Federal level. Was he naturalized before Utah was a state (and just a territory, i.e. before 1896)? Similarly, Pauline is listed as immigrated in 1863. I would like to find passenger lists or other records of their immigration. From what I understand, at the time (before 1906) when the father was naturalized his wife and family were as well...I need to verify that. Since Pauline and Mathias immigrated separately, I wonder if their parents were also naturalized?  According to the dates listed Mathias would have been 20yrs old when he immigrated - he could have come alone or with a family. Pauline was 9 years old so most likely came with her family. They are listed as being married for 26 years which means about 1874, so Mathias would be about 25 years old and Pauline about 20 years old at the time of their marriage. Mathias is listed as a farmer who owned his property "free" (i.e. it was paid off in full). His farm is said to be listed on Farm Schedule #34. I'd like to see if I can find a copy of that schedule to see the details of his farm. Finally, I was able to find all of Victor's siblings (living) and their birth month and year. His siblings are: Emma P, Elvira M, Francis M, Hetty L, Heber C, Sadie B, Lettie R, and Clyde E. All in all, this was a very informative document.

To investigate:
  • Find missing child.
  • Immigration records and Naturalization.
  • Find Farm Schedule #34
  • Verify names and find middle names.

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