08 May 2011

Week 2: Names

I would like you to write “My father’s full name was _____ and my mother’s full name was _____ (maiden name). Is there anything interesting or unusual about their (your) last name that you would like to tell me? (i.e. nationality, etc.) How about your parents first or middle names? Were you named after either of your parents? Were you named after a relative? Which relative? Were they alive when you were born? Were you named after a famous person? Is there anything else that is special or unusual about how your name was selected, who decided on it, etc? Have you been pleased with the name your parents gave you or do you wish they would have chosen some other name? Why?

If you would like to offer some advice to your children (or to other readers of your “Book of Memories” about how a child’s name can affect his/her self-image, please do so now …

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