31 August 2012

Victor Erastus and Etta Letitia Lund, 1889

 Victor Erastus Lund (1888-1965) and his sister Etta Letitia Lund (1887-1868)

They are the 4th and 5th children (there were 10) of Mathias Christian Funk Lund and Pauline Persson Swensson. Victor is Troy's great-grandfather.

I think Victor looks just like himself when he was older -
Victor E. Lund
I wanted to find out more about the photographer and discovered his photography collection is held at the Utah State University Library. (Initial Citation: USU_P0466; Heber H. Thomas Photograph Collection; Photograph Collections Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.) Here is their biographical note: (http://uda-db.orbiscascade.org/findaid/ark:/80444/xv46704)
     Heber H. Thomas was born on November 17, 1862 in Wales and at the age of 14 immigrated to Ogden, Utah. He held various public office duties including that of superintendent of the state industrial school and a member of the Ogden school board.     Around 1911 he moved from Ogden to Salt Lake City where he opened the Thomas Studio. He resided in Salt Lake City until his death on October 8, 1926 at the age of 63. He was survived by his wife Nellie Dane Thomas and three children: Mrs. G. Earl Stoddard of LaGrande, Oregon; Mrs. C. B. Turner of Salt Lake City, and J. D. Thomas of Ogden and four grandchildren. (Source: Salt Lake Tribune October 10, 1926)

So then I searched the page for "Lund" or "Taylor" thinking he may have taken more photos of the family. Here's what I found:

8x10 Glass Plate Negatives, undated [Box 23]
     23:21: Lund. Family portrait with four children

5x7 Unlabeled Glass plates, undated [Box 40]
     40:07: Exterior shot of the Lund home
     40:07a: Group of boys in front of the Lund home

5x7 Glass Plate Negative, undated [Box 7]
     7:55: Taylor. Portrait of a man [cracked and held together by tape]

5x7 Glass Plate Negative, undated [Box 12]
     12:41a: Taylor. Portrait of a man wearing a military uniform and hat
     12:41b: Taylor. Portrait of a man wearing a military uniform without the hat

8x10 Glass Plate Negatives, undated [Box 17]
     17:15: Taylor. Portrait of a man

5x7 Glass plates, 1919 [Box 21]
     21:19: Taylor. A girl sitting on a bench and holding flowers
     21:51: Taylor. Woman wearing a corduroy jacket

5x7 Glass Negatives, undated [Box 24]
     24:47: Taylor. Woman sitting on a bench

I have to get up there and take a look! How exciting!

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