15 July 2012

The search for Johan Riis

I've done extensive research on the Lund family from Denmark. I'm also working on the decendency research for Diderich Funk/Funch Lund, Troy's 3rd-great-grandfather. (The Lund was added after immigrating to the United States)

But Diderich's father remains a mystery. Here's what I know:
  • Johan Riis is listed as Diderich's father in his christening record dated 3 Apr 1816, he was born on 25 Mar 1816. Diderich is illegitimate and Johan is described as a bachelor who has traveled away.
  • Diderich's mother is Gertrude Christine Didrichsdatter, and her father's name is Diderich Jacobson Funch.
  • By the time Diderich is confirmed in the Lutheran church on 5 Oct 1834, his father, still listed as Johan Riis (although his mother had married by now) is now listed as "deceased."

RootsMagic5 has a new feature - Research Log. I've been using it to work on this and other research I've been doing and have found it a great way to note what I've done.

So, here's the plan.

  • I think before I can really find Johan, I need to first track Gertrude's family as they lived in Knudsker and then she (and possibly more of the family) moved to Arnager. I plan to work with the censuses and the church records, including the moving in and out records (I just learned about yesterday!).
  • Also, since at some point I think I'd like to get certified in genealogy, I'm going to try out a full client report and research notes for this search for Johan. I'll post more as I go along.

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