19 July 2012

Gertrude moves, and a revelation!

My search for Johan RIIS (or RIHS) continues!

So last time, I decided to work up a client report. Instead, I ended up creating a document study and then an accompanying work plan. Here is that plan, from page 4 of my report:

I had already done 1-5 so, but I ended up starting with #6, and did not find what I was expecting.

I figured, since Gertrude was from Knudsker and her son Didrich was born in Nylarsker that she would have moved to Nylarsker at some point - I know, brilliant. :) So, I started looking for a move-in record for her in Nylarsker before Mar 1816, when Didrich was born.

If she lived there more than 9 months prior to his birth, then she would have gotten pregnant there. If she moved in while pregnant, then she would have conceived Didrich at her previous parish...and that's where Johan would have been too.

Source: Danish State Archives, "Kirkebøger," digital images, Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline (www.sa.dk/ao/ : downloaded 15 July 2012), Gertrude Kristine Didrichsdatter, moving in record (Tilgangsliste); Nylarsker Parish, 1815, pg. 42-b, no. 14.

Gertrude moved from Copenhagen!!! (København)

Now is a time for a pretty great aside.

Last Saturday I went to the Family History Library to take some more Danish research classes. I guess I didn't read the course descriptions very well because when I got there I found out that they didn't really apply to me. The first was Southern Denmark research (which got transferred back and forth with Germany, so their records are a bit different), then Big City Research, and finally, Copenhagen research. Since I didn't really have any Big City or Copenhagen ancestors, I was just going to leave and work in the library, but decided to stay and see if I could learn anything - I did!

And now I can use it!

So, next I need to track Gertrude to Copenhagen, figure out what parish she was living in and see if Johan is nearby.

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