30 October 2011

Janus (James) Lund's Death

Example of a Threshing machine from about 1900.
Going back over some documents, I decided to investigate Janus Lund's death. I previously posted his death certificate. On it his cause of death is listed as Internal injuries which happened 4 days earlier, at home. Also listed was a fractured skull. I figured with such a traumatic injury there had to be something in the local paper, Ogden Standard Examiner - all found online.

5 Sept 1908
Plain City Farmer is Seriously Injured
  On his farm near Plain City, yesterday, James Lund, while at work on a threshing machine, met with a rather peculiar accident, which is likely to prove fatal.
  In some manner unexplained, a sack of grain fell upon the unfortunate man, bearing him back and down to the ground, where his head struck an iron projection, facturing his skull.
  At the time the sack of grain struck him, Lund had an open knife in his mouth, the blade between his teech [sic]. Paralysis resulted from the blow received by the sack of grain, or from the fracture and it required considerable effort to remove the knife blade from between the unfortunate man’s teeth, which were locked upon it like a vice.

9 Sept 1908
Funeral of J. F. Lund. – The funeral of J. F. Lund will be held at PlainCity at 2 p. m., Thursday. The remains may be viewed from 7 to 9 this evening and from 9 to 10 a. m., Thursday, at Lindquist’s parlors, where the cortege will form, at 10 a. m. on day of funeral and proceed to Plain City.

11 Sept 1908
J. F. Lund Laid to Rest – The body of J. F. Lund was laid to rest in the Plain City cemetery yesterday afternoon, the funeral services being held in the Plain City meeting house at 2 o’clock p. m. Bishop Henry Garner presided over the funeral services and the ward choir furnished appropriate music for the occasion. There was a large attendance at the services and many beautiful floral offerings were brought to the bier by the many friends of the deceased. The speakers were Elders Peter Poulson, Thomas Morgan of Logan, Bishop James Stewart, George W. Brammell and Charles Weatherston.

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  1. That is really amazing Jules. Thanks for finding it for us.