17 October 2011

Didrick and Karen Lund - Grave Marker

I just scanned in a bunch of documents at the in-laws house. I'm so excited to sort through them and add them as sources in my database. Since most of the documents are for living relatives, I won't be adding them to the blog.

In the meantime, I was looking through my "to file" folder and came across this:
Source: Tombstone for Didrick F. Lund and Karen C., Didrick died 21 Oct 1885, Karen died 17 May 1907, Plain City Cemetary, Plain City, Weber, Utah, United States. photograph.

This is the grave marker for both Didrick and Karen Lund - Troy's third-great-grandparents. All the information on the marker matches what I had in the database - except, the name spellings. This is yet another way to spell Didrick. I also have Diderich, and Didrich and various combinations of Lund, Funk, and Funch, sometimes together, sometimes not. Also, I have Karen's name as Karen Kathrina Chirstine Hansen, but that only comes from Family Group Records from the new Family Search. I'll have to find a birth record for her to get her "real" name at birth.


Didrick F.
Mar. 25. 1816.
Oct. 21. 1885.
Karen C.
Wife of the above
Oct. 9. 1815
May 17. 1907
Born at Bornholm Denmark
I think it says "REST" but it also looks like RBST or RβST, but those don't really make sense. I got this photograph from findagrave.com so I'll have to go to Plain City in person to get a better image.

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