21 April 2011

Through Her Eyes - Aliene's Recollections

Aliene Anderson Lund left each of her grandchildren a copy of her Family History. Slowly, but surely, I'll be transcribing her recollections and using them to help guide my search of the Anderson side of Troy's family.


My earliest recollection of home and family life was of a sweet, gentle, loving and attractive Mother [Annie Chelsea Mills]. She loved more than anything else taking care of her home and family. She was very good at about everything she did but most of all she was a real wonderful cook. She had a very special way of making every meal so delicious that her family cleaned up every morsel of food. I can still smell those delicious ginger cookies and raisened [sic] filled cookies, she would be baking when all of us children arrived home from school. She was there waiting for us children to tell her all about our day at school and she would give us a cookie and a glass of milk. What a treat this was, we were all so excited to tell her of our experience of the day and she was just as excited to listen. Some times she would let me help her cut the cookies out.

My Father [Oscar Anderson, Jr.] was, tall sturdy and somewhat handsome. He was stern, outspoken but was also patient and gentle when the need was there. He loved his home and family and took us children and Mother on picknicks [sic] and outings. We all enjoyed those times as we were all together as a family.

I remember father telling of how his Grandparents (Hakan Anderson, Marianne Marie Neilson) left their homes in Sweden and Denmark after they had become members of the “Latter-day-Saints Church”, and went to Liverpool, where they joined other saints and embarked on a large ship called “The Electric”. It was very hard on the ship and while on their journey at sea they lost their baby son “Augusta” and he was buried at sea. They finally arrived in New York City, where they prepared for Transportation to Florence, Nebraska. They traveled by rail to Nebraska. When they then made arrangments to join an emigrant ox train. Where they then made their way accross [sic] the Plains. They had many hardships and trials along the way but finally in August 1862 they arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah.

To investigate:
  • Where Hakan and Marianne are from, specifically. When did they join the church? When did they move to England? When did they meet/marry?
  • Find "The Electric" from Liverpool to New York City.
  • See if I can find any information about Augusta (is that really the boy's name? Or was it a girl?)
  • Can I find any info on rail travel? Any info on Florence, Nebraska?
  • Find information about the ox train they joined.
  • Verify the date they arrived in Salt Lake City. Did they know anyone here? Where did they stay? How long before they moved to Millard County? Why did they move?

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