23 April 2011

Through Her Eyes #2

The family was then sent by the Church Authorities to fill a position as a Miller at Fillmore, Utah, as Great Grandfather Hakan had training in this field. They arrived there on 28 September 1862. After they had been there for awhile they decided to homestead a farm on Dry Creek, two miles south of Meadow. The soil here at Meadow proved to be very rich and with a lot of hard work they soon had a comfortable home.

They had ten children, Oscar Alfred, Catherine Elnora, Hakan Julian, Wilda Josephine, Betsy Mary Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Albert William, John Edward, Augusta (whom died at sea) and one other who died.

All the children had jobs assigned to them and with their help farm life became a fun life and they had many good times together.

Grandfather Anderson (Oscar Alfred, Sr.) attended dances at Kanosh, where he met a very lovely girl, whose name was Thirza Jane Lee. They began courting and had many good times together, and after awhile they set their wedding day and was Married on May 28, 1878. They bought a home at Kanosh, where Oscar got a job in a Harness Shop with Halsey Kealso, making and reparing and selling harness and other products.

Later because of Great Grandfathers health they move back to the farm at Dry Creek, where they stayed until Great Grandfathers death on 26 August 1884.

To investigate:
  • Are there church records listing who was assigned where?
  • What does a miller do? Where did Hakan recieve training?
  • Verify date of arrival in Millard Co.
  • Find Homesteading deed.
  • Add children to the pedigree. Did the "one other who died" have a name? When was he/she born?
  • Verify marriage date for Oscar and Thirza.
  • Can I find a purchase agreement for the home they bought?
  • Who was Halsey Kealso? Why is he listed specifically? Is he the boss?
  • Verify Hakan's death date. What illness did he have?

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