30 January 2013

Preparing for a Writing Challenge

I've decided to participate in The Family History Writing Challenge this February. I've decided that for me, I can do 500 words a day, which will come out to 14,000 words all together...not to shabby!

Now, I just have to decide on the topic. This is where I get hung up. Do I want to write about someone or a family that I've already researched, or do I want to start with a new problem? Do I want to stick to one topic or just write about anything I happen to be researching that day?

Here are some ideas:
  • Just do blog posts every day with at least 500 words, with any topic that strikes my fancy.
  • Marrying the Lunds ::: examining the women that married into the Lund line.
  • Lindalva Ferreira da Silva (Lima) ::: My grandmother who's birthdate is still in question.
  • Anna Thome and Jose Ferreira's Love story ::: Met in Portugal, parents refused to let them marry, Anna followed Jose to Brazil to marry him.
  • Ada Rose Taylor ::: Not sure why (probably that she died in childbirth from the same trouble I had with #2) but I have been drawn to her life and story.
So, I will have to make that decision SOON!

And because a post is sad without a picture:
My Dad --Nilton-- abt 1966.

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