10 December 2011

Family History Library - Score!

I love the Family History Library! Yesterday was my graduation from the Master's program and the gift I asked for was a few hours at the FHL in Salt Lake. I was able to get a few church records and ship records I wanted to finish up the Lund Family Book for Christmas. Then, I thought I should see what they had about Plain City, Utah, the town all the Lund's lived in when they moved to Utah.

I did a place-name search in the catalog and found a book with Cemetary records which also listed relationships when they were known (like who was married to who and child of who, etc.). I found another book with some LDS church records, and then another with Plain City History. Most of it was the same history I'd already found online from the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, but the book also had pictures!

So I looked through all the pictures to see if any included the Lund family. Here's one of the good ones -

Source: Cook Lyman and Dorothy, editors, History of Plain City: March 17th 1859 to 1977 (N.p.: n.p., 1977), p. 110, photograph.

Here's Edith Pearl Taylor (Lund) in 1907. She later married Victor Erastus Lund, son of Mathias Christian Lund, and Troy's Great-grandfather.

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